Maddie Mckenszie Picture Book Series

When you’re 5…

Life is full of wonder, surprises and of course fun. Maddie Mckenszie’s role is to live that way. Whenever it’s bouncing on her pogo stick, banging on pots and pans, singing her heart out in karaoke, drawing on herself or devouring Chocolate Ice Cream, Maddie finds a way to be awesome. Of course, her big sister Margaret can’t stand her antics and rather ship her to Australia.Maddie is featured in a 2 picture books, focusing on the ups and downs of  sisterhood and dealing with bad manners.

Maddie Mckenszie: The Most ANNOYING Little Sister Ever! (Book 1)

12-year-old big sister Margaret Mckenszie is a bright student, at the head of her class. She enjoys many pastimes from reading to video games. Her energetic, silly and carefree 5-year-old sister Maddie is ALWAYS looking to have fun no matter what. Her silly antics really ANNOY Margaret and often interrupt her studies and free time activities. Also, her weird behavior is starting to get on her big sister’s nerves. There is never a dull moment in the Mckenszie household when Maddie’s around.A Children’s Picture Book Designed for the young and the young at heart. A slice-of-life story that all siblings can relate to in one way or another. 


Maddie Mckenszie and the BAD Birthday Party Manners (Book 2)

5-year old Maddie desires having a fancy tea party for her birthday more than anything else. Her manners however need a lot of work as last years birthday was an absolute disaster, involving temper tantrums and muddy messes. Maddie’s family reluctantly agree with the tea party on ONE condition: her manners MUST improve. Maddie’s friends and family all help out to get her manners into shape before the big day…often with hilarious results. Will Maddie mind her manners and become a sophisticated young lady or will she fall into temptation? Find out in the sequel to “Maddie Mckenszie: The Most ANNOYING Little Sister Ever!”

Other versions coming soon!