Q: Wow! Amazing Stuff! Can you draw something for me?

A: Short answer: No.

Long Answer: Even it’s a simple sketch, I consider compensation for doing something. While some artists have no problem in doing so, I believe doing work for free is quite insulting. Would you ask someone to do something that may take hours, maybe days in some cases for free? I don’t think so.

Q: Do you do commissions?

A: Not at this time. Maybe one day. I work a full time job, so getting that work done in a timely fashion would be difficult. It’s hard enough at times to get my personal, just-for-fun artwork done.


Q: What do you use to draw your art?

A: I draw in many different mediums. The first medium is usually a pencil and paper. I stick primarily with a Dr. Grip mechanical pencil as my hands are freakishly large. I use 3 of them; a photo blue, photo red and black lead pencil. I use the blue and red to build up a rough sketch, then use the black to draw detail. My favorite sketchbook is the Pentalic sketchbook. The reason why I prefer it is because you can rip out the pages much easier without damaging the paper.

For digital, my go to app is Adobe Photoshop CS6. Despite it being quite bloated and overpriced, it is much more flexible than any other drawing app on the market. I use a Cintiq 13HD to draw on my Mac Mini. Occasionally, I draw on my iPad and I use an app called “Procreate”. I draw with a Bluetooth stylus. Currently, I use the Adonit Jot Touch 4.

I also experiment with Copic Markers from time to time.

Q: How did you learn to draw?

A: I learned to draw by myself. No formal training whatsoever.

There is a story behind this. Like many growing up, I drew a lot as a kid. Unfortunately, the “growing up” stuff got in the way. I originally wanted to be an Animator, but somehow that dream didn’t come true. Maybe you can blame the start of the information age for getting me out of that phase. However, finding a love for technology still allowed me to be creative in making websites during my high school years. I went through college and graduated several years later. I looked at “terrible art” on the Internet for awhile and I said to myself “Maybe I should give drawing a shot again. I can do better…at least I think I can.” 

So I used my dormant DeviantArt account that I used primarily to favorite and comment on art that I had for 4 years and started posting my art. Soon, I did some fanart and eventually I wrote and drew a few Children’s Books. Of course, I read a LOT on the subject of drawing. I didn’t do a single sketch for about 6 months, learning how to do art. I still learn everyday and you should too.