Merry Chrissy and the After Christmas Awakenings #RevealWeek: Introducing Poinsettia

After quite a magical adventure in “Merry Christmas and the Naughty or Nice Truth”, 9-year old Chrissy Deigh is completely heartbroken that the most magical day of the year will be 1 year away once again. Christmas Day may be over, but Chrissy’s story is just getting started.

There are 4 brand new characters in the second installment of the Merry Chrissy series. Today, I will introduce Poinsettia. You can see my other characters reveals in the blog archive.

 She can get carried away too.
She can get carried away too.

Poinsettia brings a warm southern charm and style to the North Pole. A country girl by heart with a southern twang. As a former lister, Poinsettia returns to train new recruits the ways of checking the list of kids 1-92. Little do people know, there is a deeply upsetting issue that Poinsettia is unable to reveal. Let’s just say that Chrissy is not the first kid ever to work for the North Pole. (Did I say too much?)

Author’s Notes

Poinsettia’s attitude is different from most workers of the North Pole. She’s quite friendly, to the point of being too friendly at times while greeting people. (Go ahead and ask Chrissy and tell her why?) Her wardrobe speaks for her southern sensibilities. Flannel shirt, shorts and cowboy boots. Of course, you can’t forget that Poinsettia on her ponytail. Despite a tragic incident involving a former trainee, Poinsettia is still devoted to upholding the traditions of North Pole Incorporated.

“Merry Chrissy and the After Christmas Awakenings” is a middle grade novel for ages 9 and up. It will be available for purchase December 2016. Go to or follow my social media for the latest updates.