Merry Chrissy and the After Christmas Awakenings #RevealWeek: Introducing Silver Bells

After quite a magical adventure in “Merry Christmas and the Naughty or Nice Truth”, 9-year old Chrissy Deigh is completely heartbroken that the most magical day of the year will be 1 year away once again. Christmas Day may be over, but Chrissy’s story is just getting started.

There are 4 brand new characters in the second installment of Chrissy’s Christmas Adventure. Today, I will introduce Silver Bells. You can see my other characters reveals in the blog archive.

 Must've made a bad first impression.
Must’ve made a bad first impression.

Silver Bells is a worker from the “Wish Fulfillment” (a department that answers letters to Santa and fulfills the wishes of kids 1-92) division of North Pole Incorporated. Compared to the “red” collar Toyland (a department that sets up and delivers toys direct to Santa’s sleigh), Silver’s white collar line of work involves answering letters…lots and LOTS of letters from kids all over the world. With only a few years of experience under his belt, the young man straight outta of Harvard is enlisted by new C. E. O. Missy “Mistletoe Toel to a brand new and challenging task: To be the chaperone for Chrissy Deigh, the first ambassador of North Pole Incorporated.

“Ambassador” or glorified “Babysitter”?

Author’s Notes

 One of the first sketches of Silver.
One of the first sketches of Silver.

Silver is a very laid back, yet worry wart of a character. He is always at odds with both of his bosses; Both the C. E. O. who is somewhat cold and dismissive over his advice and Chrissy who often has her way around with her little antics. An avid video gamer, he is never away from his portable gaming console. Perhaps video games are the only thing that keeps him sane from his demanding job. Despite that, he is a very talented writer and his letter to a very important child will be a major factor in the story. This is a character to watch out for.

“Merry Chrissy and the After Christmas Awakenings” is a middle grade novel for ages 9 and up. It will be available for purchase December 2016. Go to or follow my social media for the latest updates.